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I never thought about actually making a post on this site, but after much time has passed I finally decided to. I did NOT have a good experience with Limelife by alcone, neither as a beauty guide nor as a user of the products, and here is my story.

Before you continue reading, if you are a current beauty guide, do not attempt to argue with my statements nor opinions, for this is what happened to me. I first heard of Limelife by alcone over 2 years ago. A lady who lives near me was making very much money, and was able to quit her job because of LL. I was a gullible girl who saw all of these posts about how much money she was making, how she went out of state to nice estates, got a new vehicle, went on cruises, and I was just in awe.

I stood on the sidelines for many months wondering "should I do this too?" During my wondering period, LL boomed like crazy. The said lady had MANY people join her team, and those many people lived in my area. I'm talking hundreds of people within like a 25 mile radius- yea. Anyways, finally, after much thought and time, I decided to join BEFORE I had ever tried the products because, as someone who had never known much about the direct sales, I was gullible to believe every word about how the "products were perfect, did not cause breakouts and got rid of cystic acne" and all of this other "perfect" stuff.

Needless to say, when my starter kit arrived, I was ecstatic. I just KNEW I had the best products on the planet, because that's what every seller made it out to be. "Better than younique, better than this, better than that"- always priding the products. After using the products for just a few days, cystic acne began showing up on my face.

I brushed it off and thought "hm, there's no way it's because of these products, because I've always heard they don't cause acne." So, I kept using them, bragging on them, and standing by them. As months passed and my acne worsened, my face became overcome with it. The skin care wasn't benefiting it, only adding to the issue. I thought "hm, let me try the Mask of Zen, that's the acne treating mask for oily skin!" So I did.

Time and time again, months and months, I kept blaming my acne on things OTHER than LL. The foundation was an oil ridge on my face, and did not hide the fact that there was an acne infestation going on (although in videos beauty guides miraculously make it disappear). Finally, I decided to make an appointment with my dermatologist. I brought in the mask of zen, foundation, and cleanser.

Needless to say, he was not pleased with any of it. He suggested I tried Neutrogena foundation, and heck, it's Better to me than LL and less than half the price! When I told my upline what my dermatologist said, she said I was the only one who ever had that issue, and tried to get me to see a different dermatologist. She basically made it seem as though my dermatologist, someone who STUDIED the SKIN FOR YEARS, had no clue what he was talking about, and unfortunately, like an idiot, I was gullible and fell back into the trap.

however, I did stop using LL and began using a regimen my dermatologist prescribed to me. My acne WENT away when I stopped using LL.. that's when I knew it was not going to work for me and I was no longer going to promote those products. Ever since I had this experience, I have had a very salty attitude towards this company without meaning to.

However, it's quite hard not to when you're constantly seeing "these products can't cause acne! Nobody gets acne with this products! This foundation covers everything!

This is good for ANY skin type!" News flash: A particular brand is not perfect for every single person in the world; if it were, everyone would use it. I won't even get into detail about how I hardly made any money or the bossy training that occurred- that's been talked about enough on my behalf.

Product or Service Mentioned: Limelight By Alcone Foundation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I have also been using limelife foundation and have noticed that my face is breaking out. It is absolutely horrible today, so I am wondering if the foundation could be my issue also. I haven’t changed anything else in my regimen of facial care.


I can see this in every person I know that sells this. They very much have acne that I know was not there before. I sure will it be using it


I appreciate your review..can you insta me smilemonilin

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